Independent video game marketing and PR consultancy.

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Community Management

Connecting players and development team to foster a healthy community


Creation of a marketing strategy that reflects your game accurately and communicates a clear message to potential buyers


Creating a devoted community behind your game by increasing awareness

About Myself

Nice to meet you. My name’s Dom.

I am 24 and like many of you I’ve been playing games my whole life, growing up with an SNES my mom bought me in the early 90s. Early on I decided I wanted to be part of this industry but couldn’t wrap my head around coding besides some basic HTML.

I started playing WoW in 2005 and loved raiding as a heal-support character. I became so fond of it that it sparked an idea in my mind. Since I loved the business subjects in high-school it became clear that I would have to look outside of development itself and see myself more as a support character to the main-tanks and damage-dealer of the gaming industry. So I set out to acquire an appropriate skillset suited for marketing video games. And as for many industries, the digital marketing landscape is a cold, brutal one for unexperienced business students, taking unpaid internships and working your way through various jobs to “see the big picture”. I got lucky and a digital marketing agency in Sydney took me where I learned most of the stuff I do now on a daily basis. SEO, the importance of CRM, Content marketing, Social Media marketing and more.

Reading more and more on Reddit and Gamasutra about the struggles of developers with failed post-mortems and how they didn’t have proper marketing to promote their creative work and effort, I felt there was a chance to have an influence, to promote truly good indie games and to support them doing what they love by doing what I love.

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